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2003 Ford E-450 Wheelchair Lift Shuttle Bus 7.3L Diesel 2003 Ford E-450 Wheelchair Shuttle Bus Non-CDL 2004 Ford E350 Mini Wheelchair Bus 2004 Ford E350 Non-CDL Wheelchair Shuttle Bus 2005 Ford E-450 Startrans 16 Passenger Wheelchair Shuttle 2006 Chrysler Town & Country Limited Mobility Van 2006 Ford E350 Wheelchair Shuttle Bus In Excellent Condition 2006 Ford E-350 Non-CDL Wheelchair Shuttle Bus 2006 Ford E350 Extended Ambulette Van Bus w/Lift 2006 Ford E450 20 Pass. Wheelchair Lift Shuttle Bus 2006 Ford E450 Wheelchair Shuttle Bus Non-CDL 2006 Ford E450 Startrans 20 Pass. Wheelchair Shuttle Bus 2006 Ford E350 12 + 2 Non-CDL Wheelchair Shuttle Bus 2006 Ford E350 Startrans Fiberglass Wheelchair Bus 2006 Chevrolet C4500 22 Passenger Wheelchair Shuttle Bus 2007 Chevrolet Express G3500 Wheelchair Handicapped Ambulette Van 2008 Ford E450 Wheelchair Shuttle Bus 2008 Ford E450 Wheelchair Shuttle Bus With Lift 2008 Chevrolet G3500 Startrans Supreme Wheelchair Shuttle Bus 2008 Ford E250 Wheelchair Van Medical Transport Ambulette 2010 Ford E450 Wheelchair Shuttle Bus 2010 Ford E350 Extended Wheelchair Ambulette Van / Bus 2005 Ford E450 Eldorado Aerotech Shuttle Bus 2009 Freightliner Thomas B2 Shuttle Bus 20 - 24 Pass / Lift 2008 International Krystal KK38 3200 Maxforce Shuttle Bus 2006 Freightliner Startrans Ambassador 34 Pass. Shuttle Bus

We offer a variety of delivery options designed for buses and specialty vehicles. When you purchase a bus we can deliver it directly to your desired location anywhere in the United States, Canada, South America, Puerto Rico or to a port of your choice.

We are knowledgeable in the exportation and transportation of buses. Don’t waste time setting up delivery options when we are here to help you!

Be sure to read Canadian Import Rules if you intend to ship your vehicle to Canada.

E-mail us at for more information and details.

2001 Bluebird Freightliner 36 Passenger Shuttle Bus CDL Practice School 2011 Ford E350 TurtleTop VanTerra 14 Passenger 2004 Chevrolet G3500 Express Shuttle Non-CDL Shuttle Bus 2006 Chevrolet Corbeil MFSAB 14 Passenger Shuttle Bus 2008 Chevrolet C4500 20 Passenger Luxury Shuttle Bus 2011 Chevrolet Eldorado G3500 14 Passenger Shuttle Bus 2011 Ford E450 Eldorado14 Passenger Shuttle Bus